Southern Coast

Southern Mozambique …

The southern areas of Mozambique are much more developed in comparison to the north. In these areas, you will encounter an equally as beautiful coastline and beaches however you are unlikely to find as remote establishments as you would in the north. This does mean that the southern, more popular areas, have more variety to choose from, but should more than likely be booked further in advance.

We have classified the southern coast of Mozambique as everything south of Beira, which is technically incorrect, but makes it easier to describe each area better.

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Working our way South …


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Probably one of the most well known tourism areas of Mozambique, Vilankulo provides the perfect gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park.

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Home of the whaleshark and manta rays, the popular beach resorts are plentiful. Inhambane provides a more social experience where different restaurants, markets and festivities can be experienced.

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Enjoy the sites and sounds of the city, and zip across the bay to the Santa Maria peninsula for some beach therapy at wonderful eco-lodges or modern, luxurious hotels. Something for everyone!