The far south of Mozambique provides the perfect beach match to a Kruger park safari purely by location. Recently, the Maputo Elephant Reserve has had some more game re-introductions and this is fast becoming a wonderful bush/beach area in one!

The city of Maputo has the amazing hustle and bustle of most African capitals. An overnight stay at one of the most renowned hotels in Mozambique, allows you to experience the vibe of the city, history of the capital and cuisine of the country.

Taking a boat across the bay to the Santa Maria peninsula gives one the opportunity to sink the toes into some white beaches, pamper oneself with a massage or two, and even partake in a dive or deep-sea fishing excursion or five.

Working even further down the southern coast, deeper into the Elephant Reserve, takes you to some of the longest, wildest beaches in the country. The beaches are so great, that even the turtles choose these to lay their eggs each year. There are both eco-lodges and modern-resorts to choose from in this area. Access can be either by road or by air.

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