Lake Niassa

  • Spend a night under the stars

    Spend a night under the stars

  • A relaxing outdoor bath

    A relaxing outdoor bath

  • Cocktails on the beach

    Cocktails on the beach

The third larges and second deepest lake in Africa is Lake Niassa spanning around 570km long and around 75km wide (at its widest).

The lakes water never really changes temperature too much cooler than 24 degrees Celsius and not warmer than 29 degrees on the surface. The water is generally very clear and visibility can be up to 20m at the best snorkeling months.

Depending on which side of the lake you are standing, it is called Lake Malawi/Nyasa (named by David Livingstone in Malawi) or Lago Niassa (in Mozambique).

Attractions to the area are the more than 700 cichlid fish species found in the lake. These can be viewed both snorkeling, and scuba diving. The bird life and general natural environment along the Mozambican side of the lake is fantastic. There are various uplifting community projects in the area and rustic eco-lodges to stay at, when experiencing the wonders of the Lake of Stars.

This area links Malawi and Mozambique very nicely.

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7 Nights Freshwater Adventure

Nkwichi Lodge on the Mozambique side, paired with Kaya Mawa on the Malawi side!

Nkwichi Lodge | Kaya Mawa